Ideas, Knowledge and Networking for Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and Managers

Plakat_Rock_Your_BusinessThe Business Event of this Summer you do not want to miss. Join the four German Keynote Speakers on this special evening at the Rationaltheater in Munich on June 15th. Here is what you can expect:

  • Four thought leaders, international keynote speakers and proven experts in their fields
  • Four inspiring speeches, that will provide you with lots of new ideas to rock your business
  • Knowledge, inspiration and practical tools for your daily job
  • Great networking opportunities

When: June 15th, 2016, 18:30

Where: Rationaltheater, Munich

The Program of the evening

Dr. Boris Nikolai Konrad ( How to remember anything! Boris will teach us memory techniques to achieve outstanding memory performance. The four times Guinness World Record holder for memory and acknowledged neuroscientist will amaze you by his own super memory powers. But it does not stop there: Boris will teach you how to hone your own memory as he explains mnemonic techniques, learning techniques, and the ability of the human brain to remember almost anything.

Gabriel Schandl ( Ways to Peak Performance! In markets of increasing similarity, strength and competitiveness, and in times in which the differences between individual competitors are getting continuously smaller, the question is increasingly being raised: How to be at the head of the pack in the markets of tomorrow. The answer is: Solely by peak performance. Regardless of whether the customer is to be encouraged to purchase, innovative and creative new products and services are developed, you or others are to be managed and motivated, or in marketing, success is to be had solely through peak performance. Gabriel shows in his presentation how you can reach peak performance and recognize the three main areas thereof as a holistic system: Product/service, cooperation/leadership and personality. After reaching peak performance in these areas, you will no longer have to worry about your company, customers and employees, but will rather soon be able to say correctly „I belong to Nr. 1.“

Martin Sänger ( The Future of Sales! There are a lot of sales-strategies which try to describe how we have to deal with our customers. Our proven Sales-Expert Martin Saenger asserts that there will be no employed Salesmen in the future. Instead there will be „Market Access Manager“. Why Martin claims this and which skills a „Market Access Manager“ needs, will be revealed in this speech. No matter if you are a CEO, an Entrepreneur, a sales manager or a Purchaser, this inspiring and humorous talk will open your eyes about „The Future of Sales“

Ilja Grzeskowitz ( Let´s talk about Change, Baby! Why you have to change today to still be successful in the future. In this entertaining speech, our change expert reveals how to use the huge opportunities laying in every change. You will learn, why the world needs more battery changers, what an actress from Hamburg can teach you about motivation and why New York sometimes is just around the corner. With humorous stories, memorable Examples and inspiring aha-effects, Ilja will teach you, how you can deal with the small and big changes of everyday life.

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