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My name is Gabriel Schandl, I am from Salzburg, Austria. Currently I am living in Bavaria, Germany. I am married and father of four children. My mother is from Hungary whereas my father grew up in the United States and in South America. I studied international Economics in Austria and Italy. My multicultural background helped me tremendously to understand different approaches and attitudes towards business and life in general.

Motivational Speaker & Business Consultant

Today I work as a business consultant and Motivational Speaker for many organizations and companies. I love to involve my participants and provide them with helpful insights and tools. Succes is threefold: On the one hand we focus on the customer, which is the most important part in our business. On the other hand we need motivated and energized employees who just love to give their best. And finally we need exceptional leaders who inspire their teams to grow and to use the multitude of their talents.

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Experience meets Inspiration

In my keynotes I am thrilled to surprise the participants and to go beyond their expectations so that they will not forget this speech. I am convinced: Everyone should benefit from a speaking event: the participant AND the customer. My participants come from various fields of business: Industry, services, finances and many more. I have been in this business for almost 20 years and I still love what I do: Inspire and motivate people to give their best.

Presentation content:

  • At last, it’s Monday – the power of attitude
  • Only enthusiastic staff are capable of enthusing customers
  • Rose-tinted glasses are only good for cycling – a bit about the sense and nonsense of motivation
  • Myth Guide – the 3 most important tasks of every manager
  • The trinity of success – ways of achieving enjoyment in excellence

More Information on Gabriel Schandl

My topic is Excellence. And when my customers are more than satisfied, I am too. Contact me for an extraordinary Keynote: I would love to inspire and motivate your participants too!

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„Dear Mag. Schandl,
the guild of Upper Austria of the gold and silver smiths, jewellers, watchmakers and modern jewellery generators as well as tilers, plasters, plumbers and copper smiths again want to thank you for your very interesting  talk and additional statements at the guild congress this year. We have received a very positive feedback from our participants – many of them will implement your suggestions and ideas in their businesses.“

„Hi Mr. Mag. Schandl!
I want to thank you very much for the invitation and the very interesting event. It is amazing how much information and motivation can be packed into one hour of talk – without overloading it.“

„Gabriel Schandl is one of the most popular speakers in the „Junge Wirtschaft“. His style of presentation is particularly refreshing and the content is absolutely convenient.“

„Dear Mr. Schandl,
we want to thank you for your very interesting talk. Our members were very impressed and you really succeeded in motivating the audience and giving useful tips to remember.“