Dr. Boris Nikolai Konrad is a Guinness World Record holder for memory, a neuroscientist, an author, and an international expert on memory improvement. He teaches memory techniques anyone can employ to achieve outstanding memory performances. Experience one of the most engaging, fascinating, interactive and entertaining keynotes you have ever seen. Give your audience a speaker they will never forget and have them talk about your event for years!

Memory Athlete

Boris Nikolai Konrad is a two times Guinness World Record holder.

While showing that anyone can improve his memory with techniques and training, he himself is a champion in demonstrating how far you can go. Boris Nikolai Konrad is a two-time Guinness World Record holder for memorizing 201 names and faces within just 15 minutes as well as 21 names and birth dates within just 2 minutes. He has appeared on national TV shows in Germany and also in China (CCTV), Japan (NHK), USA (ESPN, MTV), United Kingdom (BBC, ITV), Turkey, Netherlands and more. With the German national team he won the World Memory Championships nations ranking several times and himself won the disciplines memorizing Names and Faces as well as Random Words repeatedly. In 2012 German television named him “Germany’s Superbrain” and in the Chinese Guinness Show of Records he beat Indonesian and Chinese memory champions in memorizing random digits. Boris Nikolai Konrad is a certified Grant Master of Memory (World Memory Sports Council) and has ranked among the Top 10 in the world for nearly a decade. He offers memory demonstrations you won’t find with any other speaker or memory champion and has probably performed in more countries than you can even think of.


Boris Nikolai Konrad is actively studying the human brain and memory. Since 2010 he has worked at a renowned Max Planck Institute in Germany and the Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behavior in the Netherlands in the field of neuroimaging and investigates the potential of human memory. He has studied memory champions, mental calculation champions and gifted students, but has also had average participants undergo a six week memory training program under his regime with impressive results. He studied physics and computer science in Germany and the UK and wrote his PhD thesis on superior memory. Boris has presented at the world’s leading conferences on neuroscience and is a frequent speaker for scientific symposia and conferences. However, he does not stay in academia. Instead he brings the knowledge out of the lab to share with the public, so they can benefit from it and utilize the techniques in everyday tasks and challenges.

Keynote Speaker and Author

Imagine your audience’s surprise as Boris demonstrates his amazing memory and welcomes people in the audience by their names – without the help of notes. All of them. Boris Nikolai Konrad has been inspiring audiences worldwide since 2006. Whether in a corporate setting or at conventions and conferences, whether students or management level, and whether a couple of people or an audience of over a thousand, his speeches guarantee a highly interactive event your audience certainly won’t ever forget. Have your attendees speak about your events for years when they remember the impressive show and speech of the Memory Record Holder. In 2010, Boris received the prestigious 5-Star-Speaker Award for his extraordinary keynotes, and in 2012 he reached the national finals of the Famelab competition for public speaking on scientific content. More than just demonstrate his own impressive memory skills, Boris Nikolai Konrad will teach the audience how to improve theirs as he explains mnemonic techniques, learning methods, and the potential of the human brain to remember things using interactive examples. Watch your audience’s wonder as they perform memory feats themselves they couldn’t believe just minutes ago, and learn that not only can anyone use memorization techniques, but that it’s fun.

That one special offer!

Tired of speakers who don’t live up to what they talk about? Boris Nikolai Konrad makes an offer unheard of elsewhere – one you can only make if you are really confident with your memory: Boris offers his keynote presentation in any language there is, given a confirmed booking at least three months before the event!* Yes, you got that right: If you like, Boris will give his presentation in your country’s main language, or any other language if you prefer.  * Involves a special fee. Without prior notice and for the standard fee the presentation will be offered in English or German as you request.

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